Project 2

The design was for a low cost data logger with a display and some form of input. A suitable housing was chosen and the PCB was designed to install within the enclosure. The design was made such that fabrication was a simple plug in process and all cables within the unit are ribbon based. The LCD is mounted to the rear of the enclosure front panel along with the keypad and USB flash drive interface module. The PCB was designed with 3D models for each of the components so that an accurate model could be made of the completed unit and verify internal clearances and hole alignment for the mounting of the various parts.


3D image of board from PCB software


Image of actual completed board (not all parts fitted)


View of completed prototype enclosure with LCD and keypad


PCB design image

Actual PCB

All design and software for the unit was carried out at PT Axon. Only the PCB manufacture and population was carried out by a third party. The enclosure design was also carried by by PT Axon. We can offer a complete turnkey solution to your project ideas. Why not gives us a try?

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