Project 1

The clients requirement was for a unit to send data over a serial link using either traditional RS485 for long line cable driver or RS232 for interfacing to a fiber optic multiplexer.

The client already had an enclosure for one end to be designed into so the design of this was obtained from the client and a 3D model made up with a suitable sized PCB inserted. This was then imported into the PCB design software and the components laid out on the PCB. The PCB software, by using 3D models of all the component bodies, was able to check for interference with the housing, ensuring that the PCB design when completed, would fit without any mechanical issues. Below is the PCB from the CAD software showing both the PCB on it’s own and the PCB within the enclosure. The enclosure is shown as transparent so that a visual can be seen of the PCB.


Below is a picture of the completed PCB.


Similarly for the receiving side, the client requested this be in a small enclosure with a DC power input at one end and the signal connections on the other. Again, a 3D model of the enclosure was obtained from the enclosure manufacturers website and this was then added with a model of the bare PCB. The enclosure end plates where also modified for the connectors and fuse holder. This was then imported into the PCB design software and the parts laid out on the PCB, being careful to match up any holes in the endplates with the connectors. Again the PCB software takes care of making sure there is no interference.


Below is a picture of the completed PCB and enclosed completed unit. The prototype box is slightly larger.


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