Well Data Logger

The new AX5000 based logger has a 7” LCD with 1280x800 resolution and lower power than the previous logger. It offers more processing power from the 8 core ARM processor with reduced heat generation using the same technology as used in mobile phones.

The unit features a number of interfaces to allow connection to external sensors. There is a GSM modem option offering LTE capability with built in GPS.

The unit has been designed to interface to oilfield instrumentation, namely downhole gauges and Variable Speed Drives (VSD through a Modbus RS485). This data is then stored locally and/or transmitted to a server via the optional GSM modem.

The data can be transmitted using a GPRS data connection using the GSM Modem (LTE/Quad Band) to a remote server. We can also offer satellite communications for even more remote locations. Daily emails can also be sent or SMS updates

Data Logger Features

  • Housed in a IP65 enclosure
  • Colour TFT display with touchscreen
  • 1 off RS485 interface
  • 2 off RS232 interface (1 for gauge)
  • LTE GSM modem option
  • 16Gb SD card memory for data storage
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Three 4-20mA inputs for sensors
  • USB downloading of recorded data
  • Optional 24V UPS for battery backup
  • DIN RAIL 24V power supply for AC power
  • Low power at only 6.5W with LCD on
  • Field upgrade via USB or download
  • Android OS 5.1 (Lollypop)


  • Pressure and temperature real time
  • Digital Transmission (Max 4000 meters)
  • <=0.1% accuracy
  • Temperature max 125C
  • Pressure max 5000 psi (2900 shown above)
  • Low power - max 24V 40mA
  • Works on standard single core downhole cable
  • Full diagnostics data transmitted to logger

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