Torque Logger

Working with ARC-Work Ltd we are able to offer full service and support for the ARC-SS based torque and pressure loggers anywhere in the world. Our torque loggers are employed worldwide with all the major oil and gas service companies. The unit has evolved to be recognised as the premier Torque Logger in the world.

The unit can be installed on a simple machine such as a Griffith Torque Master from NOV with recording only to a more complex full rotary machine requiring full control of the machine and the joint makeup.

We offer a standard off the shelf unit and custom design. We have worked with AMC, MTE and NOV to provide torque logger and control systems worldwide.

The unit on the right is the new ARC7000 with faster CPU, touch screen and Windows 7 Embedded.

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Below is a sample of images of various torque machines and ARC-SS installation.


On the left is an MTE machine and for this a brand new interface was developed for this machine. The machine is a full rotary design for the make up of premium connections.

The ARC-SS based logger has full control of the machine operation. The control panel for this is shown below.

The control panel for the MTE machine is ARC-SS based and was custom engineered to fit within the 19” rack system that MTE deploys with the machine. The software talks to a PLC that provides the control to the hydraulic power pack to operate the valves using proportional control. The MTE machine offers full proportional control from zero to full speed.


On the left is a National Oilwell Griffith Torque Master with the earlier ARC-SS based logger installed. The Giffith torqe machines are push pull design offering up to 100,000lbf of torque for makeup and breakout.

The ARC-SS is connected with 2 pressure sensors which are plumbed into the hydraulics feeding the rams that operate the machine in a rotary direction. Once the sensors are calibrated, the software gives a direct readout of torque on the computer display along with a graph in real time. Using the precise pressure regulation control on the Griffith control panel, the operator is then able to torque the joint with great precision. Any over torquing is captured by the software and recorded. Using our system this is unlikely with skilled operators.

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