Tank Level

The Tank Level Monitor was custom designed for AKR Corporindo in Indonesia to allow them to monitor the fuel volume on their barges. The volume information is used in conjunction with a deliver recording system to confirm the correct sale or delivery of fuel and prevent any miss use, loss or theft of the fuel.

The 5” Capacitive Touch LCD provides a quick visual of the depth and volume information for up to 14 tanks on each barge. A temperature sensor is also fitted to allow the system to compensate for volume changes.

The processor is 32 bit ARM and runs the .NET Microframework that allows infield updates with a simple PC connection over USB. An optional setting allows the unit to be updated Over The Air if GPRS is enabled.

The unit is rugged and designed for 24 hour unattended  operation and transmits the volume data to an externally connected transaction logger. In the event that the logger connection fails, the tank monitor will switch to a backup SMS mode and transmit the data to the remote server at a user set time period. This backup can also be enabled to become the primary connection to send data to a server via GPRS or SMS.

SMS commands can be used to configure the unit on the fly.

Datasheet can be downloaded here.

If you are interested in this unit, please contact us via the contact us page and we will be happy to help.



  • Housed in a protective enclosure
  • Colour TFT display with touchscreen
  • 1 off RS232 interface
  • 14 off 4-20mA for pressure inputs
  • 1 off 4-20mA for temperature input
  • Quad band GSM modem
  • Internal SD card memory for data storage
  • Installed in enclosure with:
    • IP 65 Rating
    • Zenner Barriers for Ex rating
    • AC-DC Power Supply
    • Fused 24V DC input

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