Remote Torque

The updated and improved Remote Torque Logger is available from Axon Instruments direct. The system is based on the same AX9100 base unit as the Data Logger with additonal interfacing to support the high speed logging of pressure to torque and to operate a dump valve (optional).

The system comes with a simple charting application that runs on a desktop PC that includes an FTP server that the rmeove logger can detect and transfer the files automatically when connected to a WiFi network and the PC is on the same SUBNET.

The system has a larger 7” TFT LCD display with capacitive touch and 2 pressure sensor inputs that are calibrated to measure torque. Once the operator has setup the joints he wishes to work with he is ready to start logging the connection.

The unit can be battery powered for approx 8 hours. It has a sleep mode that puts it into low power mode during periods of machine non use.


The same unit can be adapted to run the Jar Tester software and offers the same high speed logging of the jar loads.

An alternative interface is available to capture extra higg speed data from a load cell.

Contect us for your exact requirements.

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