Air Monitor

The air quality monitor will allow you to see and record the PM2.5 and PM10 dust particle concentration in your home or outside (unit can be mounted externally if protected from water and rain)

The unit comes with a 5V power supply and it configured out of the box to display the PM2.5 data without any user setup. Where is becomes more interesting, if if you setup the unit to transmit to ThingSpeak, you can see the data charted over a 24 hour or other period as you choose. The unit has a built in Web server that has a basic configuration and setup page where you input the details about your WiFi and the ThingsSpeak keys.

The PDF document available below for download has all of the instruction for setting up the unit with Wifi and how to setup your own ThingSpeak account.

Note that some units in the images have a formaldehyde sensor but the current air quality monitors do not have this option.


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The units were design here and manufactured in Indonesia and available to purchase on Tokopedia, link below. Each unit comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The details of this warranty are at the rear of the manual that you can download from the above link. Any questions about this unit, you can send to the email on the contacts page.


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